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Has your Canon printer got an error code?

Below we have created a guide which will help indicate the problem with your Canon large format printer. These error codes are applicable for all printers in the Canon imagePROGRAF range.

This is a voltage error. Replacing your Left print head should rectify this problem
03130031-2F49 Left Print Head
03130031-2F50 Right Print Head
03130031-2F51 Both Print Heads

An 03130031-2618 error is quite terminal and is usually the result of a printhead short-circuit which blows the main PCB board in the printer. This can occur after a paper jam where the printhead strikes the media, becomes unseated correctly and ink works its way onto one of the electrical terminals.

In order to repair this problem, you will often need to replace printheads and a new main PCB board. With printheads being £300+vat and a main PCB board being around £600+vat, you are looking at a bill of around £1,400+vat including engineer labour time.

If you get an 03130031-2618 error code, it may be worth considering a new printer.

Canon large format printers display an 03130031-2F26 error when they are having trouble moving the printhead along the carriage.  So you will often find that this error is displayed if you have experienced some paper jams or there is some material blocking the printhead from moving.

If your printer displays a 03130031-2F26 error, the best course of action is to check the paper path in the first instance, then switch the machine off and start it back up again.

If your Canon printer displays a 03130031-4027 error then it is having problems with the carriage.  We sometimes see this in older machines (in conjunction with a 2F26 error) where the carriage rail becomes dirty or the bearings get worn.

Make sure your carriage area is clean and free of obstructions, then try switching your printer off and on in order to clear the error.

If the 03130031-4027 error is still displayed, then perhaps it might need a qualified engineer to give it a service.  We can often rectify this for around £300+vat, depending on where you are in the country.  Feel free to give us a call and speak to a friendly member of our team.

An E161-403E error code illustrates a problem with the printer’s right printhead.  On rare occasions an E161-403E error can relate to a more serious electrical problem. The first way to fix this is by replacing the right printhead.

An E161-403F error code illustrates a problem with the printer’s left printhead.  It could have been damaged due to a paper-jam or has become blocked.  On rare occasions an E161-403F error can relate to a more serious electrical problem. The first way to fix this is by replacing the left printhead.

This unfortunately usually means that there is a problem with the purge unit and will require an engineer visit.

The error ending in 2f42 & 2f43 relates to a certain number of nozzle that are blocking your print head. Run a nozzle check pattern to see which print head needs replacing.

Error e161-403e relates is an abnormal temperature in your print head. Your first port of call is to replace the print head.

A 2F2F or 2F30 is a detection error probably resulting in a printhead error. This can be further troubleshooted by an engineer.

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